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CiviMobile is a native mobile application for CiviCRM users allowing immediate and high-speed connection to the system. Be sure to try out the following features:
  • contact search and dialing up in one click
  • creation of new contacts and editing of the contact information
  • making notes in your or other contacts’ profiles and managing their visibility status
  • ability to review and renew contact’s membership
  • history of all contributions and the aggregated sum for the whole period and the ongoing year
  • ability to review and create relationships
  • stay on top of your schedule with a handy graphical calendar
  • access cases, events and activities details right from the calendar
  • participants management and check-in
  • comprehensive filters for the calendar entries, events, cases and activities
  • ability to create and edit an Activity and assign it to a particular user
  • ability to change the status of an activity and a case
  • subscription to events
  • use of navigation to get directions to the organizational office or event location
  • push notifications
  • work in the offline mode
  • ability to customize the app to your preferences using a settings screen

To try the CiviMobile application, you have to download the app from Apple Store or Google Play Market to your smartphone and connect to Demo Account.
Please, visit CiviMobile website for more information.